Shows, Classes and Girls’ Night Out

Just over a week ago, I left my job of two years as manager of Family Care Center Thrift Store.  It truly was an incredible experience – one that I will never forget.  Shoppers and volunteers became extended family, sharing a lot of compassion, love and even births and deaths. It was a complete pleasure and honor to serve everyone, and I wish all the absolute best.

Now it is time to move on to the next chapter which is moving the studio up to Number Host Your Own Girls' Night Out With Ellen!One on the Priority List!  Classes within an hour of Hickory, in-home parties called Girls’ Night Out, and retail locations are being added almost daily.  Please check back often for updates and schedule changes.

I also am very excited to be heading to John C. Campbell Folkschool in Brasstown, NC this fall for another class with California enamelist Steve Artz.  It is certain that I will come home excited and full of new ideas to create beautiful jewelry and wall pieces. Look for photos in November.

Everyone have a fabulous week.


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