Catching Up

Well a lot happened toward the end of 2014. The biggest is that I was out of commission for almost two months due to having surgery before Christmas. That meant that I didn’t participate in the Harmony Arts Market ~ Holiday Edition which was organized by me. Talk about a major disappointment!!! It also scrapped the open studio sale planned for the Saturday before Christmas. The upshot is that recovery went well, and I am once again back in the groove! Now to catch up…

The last month has seen a lot of changes in the studio. Things like camping gear that were being stored have been moved to a storage unit to make way for two fabulous new workbenches! It doesn’t sound like much but for months, equipment that needs to be mounted on a secure work surface has had nowhere to go. It also will open up one dedicated space for enameling, and I cannot wait! A small convection heater has been added as well to take the edge off of the winter cold in that uninsulated space. That said, I may be working out of my kitchen this winter, especially during these lovely Arctic blasts.

As far as updates go, plans are being made for the next Harmony Arts Market this spring which will once again be held at Hickory’s SALT Block. On the website, the retailer list has been updated, new class locations are in the works, and I FINALLY have launched the Girls’ Night Out home parties. Be sure to check out those pages for information.

Another exciting bit of news is that I was interviewed yesterday by a writer for Copper in the Arts, an online magazine published by the Copper Development Association out of New York City. It should publish in late April so stay tuned for when it becomes available.

In closing, I want to give sincere thanks to everyone who sent prayers, healing vibes and ValentineHearts3good wishes while I was in the hospital and recovering. I also send A LOT OF LOVE to those special friends who camped out with me during the hospital stay, helped take care of the critters, washed laundry, swept floors, took out the trash, carried the heavy stuff, and brought food. Y’all are incredible, and I count myself extremely fortunate to be your friend. You know, it makes life so much more meaningful…


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