It’s August?  What in the heck happened?  The last post was written in March, and the last calendar update was made in April.  Hmmmmmm.  Maybe it was the new job.  Maybe it was putting classes on hold for the summer.  Maybe it was the typically hot Southern weather and not having insulation and air in the studio.  But then again, maybe I was just slack!  Truth be told, it was a little of all of that.

Now in late August, I have been working long weekends trying to catch up.  The last few Enam3weeks have been quite productive.  About 60 feet of 10 and 12 gauge copper wire was coiled, cut, soldered and forged to make approximately 6 feet of chain necklaces, earrings and bracelets.  Copper sheet is being cut and enameled while silver sheet is being crafted into rings and backs for some of the enamel pieces.  Yeah, my tongue is hangin’ out like a dog’s but I love it and wonder why it has taken so long to get back in the groove.  New inventory will start rolling out to retailers by Labor Day.

The calendar is starting to look alive again as well.  Classes are being scheduled including a new opportunity at Patrick Beaver Memorial Library here in Hickory.  They invited me to teach once a month as part of their public programming.  It is a wonderful thing because I am compensated for my time and effort but people take the classes for free.  Yep, F-R-E-EBottega WSLogo which I think is AWESOME!  See the calendar for details.  Also, Bottega in downtown Hickory wants to host classes and some will probably be set again for Hamilton Williams Gallery in Morganton.  Other than an art crawl or two, not much on tap at this point for festivals and shows but as always, that can change so check the calendar often.

Also, don’t forget the fab, fun Make & Take class projects.  They are appropriate for ages 12 and up, are NOT limited to women, and can be a cool alternative for “just because,” birthdays, bride’s maids parties, etc.  Click for details.

Thanks again for your appreciation and support in what I do.  I sincerely appreciate it.

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