Decisions. Actions. Announcements.

Over the summer, little time was logged in the studio. Much of it was spent considering how and why I create, and whether my goals had changed. It wasn’t pretty and at times, it was downright distressing. The bottom line is that there is no way I cannot create. Metals – and now melting glass on them – is a true love of sorts that has to be honored, nurtured, and shared with others.

One of the ways I do that is by teaching classes. With each one, information and skills are given freely with no expectation of return. At times, it is magically intoxicating. Another is by simply talking to other artists and visiting their spaces. Through awareness of creative synergy, one can grow by observing their processes, being awed by the incredible art they create, and especially each discussion track or brainstorm.

In the coming months, both of those will take center stage. I am both thrilled and to be StudioSpace Outside1Bhonest, a little terrified, to announce that painter Camille Inman and I will soon move our studios into a shared commercial space near downtown Hickory. We both will gain much needed room, and it will enable me to move closer to those goals that were struck years ago. Soon, EBS will offer expanded metalsmithing classes, and I will finally start pursuing wholesale accounts. Depending on how things play out, opportunities for other artists may evolve as well. Look for more information to come!

I also am absolutely honored and delighted to announce that EBS has been awarded a Regional Artist Project Grant. The funds will purchase an enameling kiln and a 35mm SLR camera that will be used to shoot pieces for sales and marketing. This fabulous program is funded by the North Carolina Arts Council, United Arts Council of Catawba County, Caldwell Arts Council, Hiddenite Center of Alexander County, Rock School Art Foundation of Burke County, Burke Arts Council, and McDowell Arts Council Association. I cannot say, “Thank you,” enough!

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One Response to Decisions. Actions. Announcements.

  1. Andrew Atkin says:

    I am so very glad for you! All working artists need a break for most of us truly struggle in many ways not perceived by the public nor in part by the arts community! Sometimes favoritism plays a role which is unfortunate because it creates an unhealthy atmosphere. Equality of funding, support, and diversity will expand our arts based community! Way to go…look forward to all you do and will drop by from time to time and check your progress! Congratulations!


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