Forged Metals

EBS is currently undergoing a retail restructure with most of my inventory being brought back in-house. While there isn’t an online store yet, you can purchase directly from the studio or at a show, and from the NC Crafts Gallery in Carrboro. I do accept online orders but at this time, it is all handled by email. Shipping is via USPS with an additional flat rate shipping charge. Credit, debit and PayPal are accepted. While new retail locations are being considered, check the Shows page for events where I will be selling or contact me for a studio appointment.

Below is work that is indicative of current inventory. Similar pieces are usually available, often in different patinas. If there is something here that you like, email me, and I will send photos of items that are in stock.

Working mostly with metal sheet and wire, each piece of jewelry is hand cut, forged and sometimes soldered.  Depending on the metal, patinas may be applied and when complete, copper work is sealed with lacquer.  Pendants are available with either a forged brass neckwire or chain up to 30 inches long.  Earrings come with either sterling or titanium ear wires.



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